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45th Annual Washington State SAR Conference

The 45th Annual Washington State SAR Conference has concluded and it was successful in providing training opportunities for all who attended.  Pierce County SAR and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office deserve a THANK YOU from all who attended the conference.  All of the work they did paid major dividends in making the conference the success it was.  The conference instructors deserve a rousing JOB WELL DONE for all of the instruction they provided, plus the hours they spent preparing their materials and their lesson plans.  SARVAC deserves a Well Done for recruiting a great instructor corps.

We would also ask all of the SAR Volunteers and Paid Staff to help us plan for the future.  We will be meeting in the next several months to look at our observations of the conference.  We will also be reviewing the survey results to see what the attendees felt in reference to the conference.  

So I am asking all volunteers and paid staff to take some time and complete the survey.  Below is the address and QR code for the survey.  We want everyone’s input whether you attended or not.  



If you would like to provide written input or would like to be considered as a possible instructor for the 2015 SAR Conference, send your input or your class idea (title and brief outline – plus your background) to:

                                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Thanks for attending and for your feedback and input to make future conferences better.

Remember May 15-17, 2015 – the dates for the 2015 46th Annual Washington State SAR Conference in King County.


W.O. (Bill) Gillespie

SARVAC President